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CMT goes above and beyond mentoring apprentices. We're giving
them the financial literacy they need to manage money and make
smart decisions with their earning power.

Steve Gousby


Being a mentor empowers you to give back to the community by enabling economically viable career paths for young people of color in Boston.

We're helping to level the playing field by providing opportunities that are not typically available to Black men and women.


Building for the future.

As a mentor, we support and nurture academic skills, intellectual habits, and character traits necessary to maximize our mentees' potential in their specialty trade. 

Union certification is a pathway to economic security and that level of security uplifts the entire community.


Innovative partnerships drive success

Every CMT mentor leverages their personal and professional network to create strategic and innovative partnerships with Boston's developers, contractors, labor unions, government officials, and religious and community leaders.

A deep level of continuous community engagement creates a bond of commitment that fuels mentee success.


Beyond Mentoring

CMT mentors go above and beyond in their commitment to mentees by providing any number of support services spanning career exploration, industry exam prep as well as help in securing financial support for exam fees, course books, occupational tools, supplies, and other resources. Additionally, we offer Financial Literacy classes to empower mentees in becoming entrepreneurs who will create and run their own businesses.

Construction Workers

CMT is helping to build character and responsibility in our young men and women while also helping them to understand that by simply challenging themselves, they can obtain a better life and work situation.

Terry Walker - CMT Mentor



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